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Elder Zach Taylor - December 30, 2013

Elder Taylor's first baptism

Elder Taylor
So I´ll start with the most exciting news this week.. we had our first baptism!! I´m pretty dang excited. This week was awesome preparing for that day.. 
We´ve been teaching Sally, the one who got baptized, for about a month now. It was kind of weird how fast it went by, and that she had basically no doubts or problems with anything. On Monday night of last week, our district leader came to have the interview. There was just one thing that she had to resolve this week to be fully repented and ready for baptism. Her husband is a member that was less active when we found him, and he´s helped in everything. He actually did most of the teaching. We´d come to a visit and Sally would already know about it. I´d love to find more people like that. 
The actual baptism was great. As I watched her get baptized, I could feel the spirit and all my worries that I have in the mission seemed to disappear. I was seeing the fruits of my labors. It´s a pretty amazing experience to see someone you taught get baptized. It´s something I hope we can do again really soon.
I got to call my family this week, and that was super fun. Pretty weird to see my family again, but nice to talk to them. And it didn´t make me too homesick, either. And we had a super good dinner Christmas eve with a lady from Brazil. I¨ve got to say, those Brazilians have some pretty dang good food.
On Thursday I saw the biggest spider I´ve seen while being here... about as long as a pencil.. probably about an inch shorter. It was scary too. We were helping a family move a mattress into  their house, and when we picked it up, there was this huge spider just sitting on the other side. Of course one of the Paraguayan boys trapped it in his shoe, smacked it a few times with it, and then picked it up and threw it away. So if anyone wants a good spider killer, you should look here. 
One of my zone leaders that´s lived next to me my whole time here went to his house this weekend.. it´s pretty weird not having him here, but good because I don´t have to hear about his feelings about going home anymore ;)
I´d say this week has been pretty successful. I also heard that I´m getting transferred to a city close to Encarnacion this week, and my new companion´s a little bit weird. Not sure how I feel about it, but looks like I´m going whether I want to or not. There´s life in the mission for ya haha. 
Anyway.. hope you all have a good week and one less crazy than mine´s going to be. Talk to you later!
Elder Taylor

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