Monday, January 20, 2014

Elder Kaden Barlow - "Holy Apostasy!!!"

Quote from Elder Barlow’s apartment wall:  “I want to live in such a way that every morning when I wake up Satan will see me and say, ‘Oh no, he is awake!’”
Hey everyone!
This week has been great here. New Year’s Eve we went out for pizza and then went home early. On New Year’s eve everyone is cooking pigs, like whole pigs on a stick like in the movies out on the street. . . kinda gross. It was completely insane--fireworks, people, gun shots, whatever. Didn't sleep at all. Everyone and their dog was out partying and getting drunk. It was crazy. And then on New Year’s everything was closed!!  Everything, even the colmados [small corner store] and the place we get water. . . I felt lost without my colmado haha. But at least no one threw more beer bottles at our door.
One of the days when everyone was drunk, we were out contacting and not having any success and we just sat down for a little. . . 5 minutes later a lady in one of the houses came out and asked if we wanted water. . . which is always exciting because the people that contact the missionaries are usually more prepared to hear our message. . . turns out she is Catholic and really just wants to serve everyone. . . but now we are teaching her and her grandson. . . Hopefully they will progress.
Oh I successfully cooked lunch all by myself for the first time. :) Rice, beans, meat and veggies. And it actually tasted good!!! This week we went to the zone leader’s house for lunch and I learned how to play dominoes [Dominican Dominoes]!! It’s super fun and you would think it doesn't take very much strategy but it does. My comp is really good and he is teaching me. The Dominicans are way into it.
We were teaching a less active that has been having the missionaries go to her house for 2 years. We haven't and that ticks her off, but she won’t progress. She has this huge grudge against this ward and it’s ridiculous. Anyway we were talking about the importance of the sacrament and how it’s super important to renew our covenants and she is like I don't need to go to church for that, I bless my own sacrament every week! . . . I almost burst out laughing, and well, I was too in shock. . . holy apostasy!!! Never thought I would ever hear something like that.
Yamile has been reading the Book of Mormon!! Yippee I didn't think she actually would, she has this thing about prophets she doesn´t believe in them and that is a big problem talking about either the Bible or Book of Mormon, but well I guess I won´t see how this turns out because I’m being transferred!
My new area will be Villa Carmen in a different zone.  I’m not training sadly. . . but I think my comp is a district leader there and I have heard that there are 6 missionaries in the ward. I have heard that my comp is from Utah and he has 8 months in the mission. Both his parents are from Mexico though and he already knew Spanish before coming, and apparently he likes to work a ton, le gusta trabajar pila as the Dominicans say. I’m excited to go tomorrow to my new area. I’m not really sure but I’m pretty sure it’s in the capitol still; I will have a lot more information next week.
I was doing service at the Patriarch’s house and we had dinner after and they served us iced tea. . . yeah I didn't know that until after.  It tasted good to me and I just thought it was some weird fruit juice. . . yeah I was kinda. . . well I didn't know what to think. . . The Patriarch is chevere [way awesome] but his wife is trying to set me up with her daughter who is serving in the Santiago mission.  She was in the CCM with me and she is a cool person but. . . yeah I’m going to marry an American thanks.
Elder Barlow

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