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Elder Kaden Barlow - January 2, 2014

Kaden with Elder Shimomato
recent baptisms

Christmas Eve dinner with the Mejias family
Tranquilo, tranquilo tu sabe.

Yes, this week has been really good. Sadly, not as productive as I would have liked. The work here is really slow actually during Christmas time. You would think it would be a lot better but because everyone and their dog is out drinking and doing bad things it’s kinda tough. But I have really enjoyed being able to work every day. I feel like a missionary so much more.

Lets see... We had a zone Christmas present exchange and I got a new tie! How original right? Also we went to a hospital here and sang carols to all the sick people. Remind me never to go to a hospital here for anything medical.... wow it was just... I don't even know.. I’m grateful for the health care in the states that’s for sure.

We went to a baptism Friday night of some of Elder Shimamoto's old investigators that moved to the sisters area and he got to baptize them so that was really cool. It’s always great to see people entering into the waters of baptism.  I’m just really hoping to do it in my own area now :)

Christmas Eve was insane... everyone drinking and going crazy. Apparently it’s even worse over the 31st... so I’m a little scared to see the Dominicans even crazier haha. At 5 o’clock in the morning some great lovely son or daughter of God threw a bottle of beer through the bars around our house and it hit our house/door and shattered everywhere. We both bolted out of bed and he asks me, “Is that our house?” and I’m like yep. And we both ran to the front to see what the heck was going on... kinda crazy.

Christmas was good because yeah we got to Skype and talk. It was really cool to see you guys and talk for real. It’s a great blessing that even though I’m like 4000 miles away we can talk and see each other like we were together. I admit I was definitely a little trunky afterwards but I’m almost back to normal. :)

Umm... As for investigators we are working with this girl named Yamile. We contacted her and when we asked if she wanted to go to church she was like umm... well... I don't know but then her Mom was like “YAMILE WILL YOU ACCOMPANY THESE NICE YOUNG MEN TO CHURCH OR NOT!”  Anyway now we are teaching them and I’m pretty excited. She came to church and really liked it and we are going to give her a Book of Mormon this week! :)

Also we were walking in the street this week and we heard someone call us and this lady came up to us introduced herself and said, “I’m less active but I’m ready to return to the church. Will you help me?” haha of course... she was at church on Sunday. The combined lesson actually happened to be on going after the lost sheep so really the Lord is working on the less actives and the members here right now. Besides the lady I just talked about we had one or two other less active families there and for the first time we had 6 investigators!!! Whoo! Now maybe our hard work is going to be paying off :)

Oh and as to Spanky´s appearance this week, [the lizard that lives with them] I was getting a sack from under the sink and he was on it. He jumped on to me and ran down my leg and that was pretty funny. I didn´t scream or anything... no really I didn´t. I did jump a little though.

Elder Kaden Barlow

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