Monday, January 20, 2014

Elder Almen Thorpe - January 18, 2014

Hi Family! Miss you!
This week went by really fast! Wow, where did the time go!?! First it was one day, then one week, and now months, too fast, no good!..hah. I'm still loving it though, to the fullest! I'm healthy as never before but I think I might be allergic to some of the foods down here but I don't know which one, which is no help... all is well though, all is well, still keeping that smile on my face! Sounds like the family is keeping themselves busy for this new year. 
My week was crazy! (in a good way) The ward that I am in right now is just awesome! We had this whole week where my companion and I went out on splits with the members going to see less actives, none members, and families that are in need of help. We came up with a new system to get the ward involved more by having one whole week where we take the High Priests out with us, then the next week the Elders Quorum, then the next the Priest's, Deacons and so on. My companion and I have seen this being really effective because the members not only get to see what we do, but they also participate in the work. President Lekias, the mission president said that this is what we are going to focus on "the work of salvation" were members and missionaries work together.
Going on splits where my companion takes one or two members with him and I take about the same amount with me, has really taught me to be brave and shown me how it would feel like taking the lead. The members love going out with us and have shared their testimonies to the less actives or investigators. It has touched them, the things that just sharing your testimony can do. Working with the members like this really helps those who we are teaching get comfortable with coming to church on Sunday with us. For example, we used brother Latu, our ward mission leader to help Danny and Bionca, our investigators, feel more comfortable being with the members. 
Speaking of Danny and Bionca, my companion and I had a miracle happen to us this Sunday with both of them. About two days ago my companion and I were on splits and my companion took brother Latu with him to go see Danny and Bionca. They had dinner with them and later had a discussion, and Bionca said she and her daughter Jade would be baptized. This was on Thursday, (good news) bad news is we want Danny and Bionca and Jade to be together so Danny and Bionca would need to get married. I don't know much about marriage, but... I'm going to put my trust in the Lord to help us get these two married because he is the one that put them together for a reason.
My companion and I also invited them this Sunday to go to a fireside. They both said yes. Now to come and see this fireside is where all the missionaries bring an investigator with them to hear President Lekias talk and some new converts to the church speak as well. There's also singing and food afterwards. Well, this Sunday we went with Danny and Bionca to the fireside. I was praying really hard that the talks would be something that Danny and Bionca could both take home and use in their daily lives. The things that our Father in Heaven does, I prayed hard all day and my prayers were answered because the meeting was about families and how families are the key in this society today. My mouth dropped open when I heard President Lekias start talking about families. Talk about how the power of prayer really works!!! During the meeting I looked over to see what the expressions on Danny and Bioncas faces were. I could see Bionca crying a little and Danny was really into the talk.
YES YES YES YES!!! Prayer is the best!! This seriously is something we should never give up on and that is praying with real intent and asking for specific details to our Heavenly Father. He is there and waiting for us to ask for guidance. After the fireside we hung around their place and had some pizza. They both said "that talk was really useful and really uplifting". We had a good night and they both loved it. Bionca was telling us that when we told her we were going to a see a fireside she thought there was going to be a group of people gathered around a fire and singing, we all laughed and she was happy it wasn't like that. 
Miracles do happen! My personal lesson this week is that prayer is powerful!!! I never thought prayer was that big of a thing, but boy was I wrong. Like on a scale of one to ten and ten being absolutely right, I would be on a scale of negative one hundred....yes I know sad but..good news I have been praying every morning and night and even during the day! I'm always on my knees praying about the people down in New Zealand and the family back home. I know there are times where we are too tired or just getting back from work or too busy to pray but our Father in Heaven is honestly waiting for us to ask Him. He loves it when we pray to Him because its His way of hearing our voices and the way for Him to reach out to us is by giving us miracles. It's His way of telling us thank you my son or daughter for that sweet prayer you have said to me.
Mom and dad and family, please keep up with your prayers and invite others to pray as well. I have a testimony that prayers can be powerful as long as we set our minds to it, have faith in Him and keep Him updated on our day and how we are feeling. Include in your prayer the peoples names. My mission has really shown me that, I wish I would have taken it more seriously back then but now I know. I love you all and hope your week goes great!! Every single one of you is always in my prayer! Love you and miss you!

Elder Thorpe :)

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