Sunday, September 1, 2013

Elder Brandon Wallis - Albuquerque New Mexico Mission

Elder Brandon Wallis (on the left)

So our week had some awesome things happen!!! We had a pretty good lesson with Bill, he got a lot of concerns out in the open. Basically he's looking at the BOM like it should be a textbook. He wants facts and well... he's not going to get too many haha. So we're working with him, and he's getting more open to the idea of actually coming to church and trying it out. Beau made a major breakthrough! We went to just stop by and see how he was doing, and he brought up the subject of Baptism! He asked US what the "rules" were to our baptism. So we just gave him a quick lesson on Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity and Tithing. And about what the actual Covenant or promise is between him and Jesus Christ. So he said that some of those things he'd have a really hard time with, but he said he does understand and respect all of it. He also said that knowing us and coming to church and getting to know the people, he's had a closer relationship with the spirit than ever before. He's really making some headway! He also really likes the idea of the Priesthood. So next lesson we're going to go over Joseph Smith a little more, and share the First Vision, and offer a blessing to give him strength to try these new things out. We also went and had a lesson with Ferman and Denice. Their son Taylor came and sat in on the lesson! We haven't been able to really talk to him other than a quick "hello" AND he was asking questions and getting involved in the discussion! So we're really excited about him. We were also able to finally set a Baptism date with Jackson! Both his parents went kind of less active for a bit and he wasn't baptized at 8. So he's 9 now and feels ready for baptism! He and his parents decided on October 5th. The work is definitely progressing! We're picking up new investigators here and there, and our current investigators are making progress. I love this Gospel and this Church. I know that I have been called by a Prophet of God to teach the people of New Mexico. We are all God's children, so we're all brothers and sisters! I feel very honored to be able to take part in this Work.

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