Monday, September 23, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - September 23, 2013

Elder Taylor with the Gamarra Family

This week was pretty great. It was cold every day except for Friday, so that was nice to have a break from the heat. I felt like I was actually in the fall season at home. Anyway, something kinda cool happened. We met a lady a couple weeks ago named Lorenza and she is awesome. We were tired and went to get water from her store that she owns and she started talking to us about religion. She´s Evangelico and it´s surprising that she even talked to us so much because those are the people that we usually have the most problems with. But we gave her a Book of Mormon this past week and when we came back two days later, she had read 16 chapters in 1 Nephi. It was awesome! She offered us coffee as well, and we told her we don´t drink that and explained the Word of Wisdom to her. She told us she usually drinks tea a lot. By the end of that discussion she told us she wasn´t going to buy any more tea. We didn´t even invite her to do so, she just said ¨well, I ran out of tea this week, but I¨m not going to buy more¨ I hope things keep going well with her. We had an Area Seventy come this week on Saturday. His name is President Gonzalez. We all had to go down to Encarnacion and that was fun riding the bus for 5 hours... not really but it was worth it. I didn´t understand everything that was said, but most of it I did. I got to talk with the other new American missionaries while there also, and they all were saying that they still aren´t used to it here and they can´t communicate or understand anything.. I realized how really well off I am. I feel pretty well adjusted and I can understand most of what people say. Unless they start speaking Guarani, which is another language they have here. It´s the weirdest thing ever. On the way back from the meeting, there was the coolest rainstorm ever! There would be a flash of lightning and literally the second it went away there were at least 2 more in it´s place. It was pretty darn awesome. We met this random old lady on Sunday and she told my companion that he speaks Spanish badly and that we should go get married already. It was pretty hilarious... she taught us how to say I love you in Guarani.. you say Jevoipot√°. So that´s the new vocab word I learned for the week. I´m sure I´ll use it a lot on my mission.. haha. We met a couple other people that I¨m hoping will progress. We decided this past Wednesday to go to a part of our area that we hadn´t been to a lot, and we met a few people that I feel good about. Not much has happened yet, but we´ll see. I also received word that with this being a new mission and all, I may have to train a new missionary this next transfer which is next week I believe. That would be interesting.. We´ll see what happens!

I seriously just love the idea of a mission so much. This really is more for me than for anyone else, I´m going to grow and change so much. I´m already a different person than I was when I left. You guys would be surprised.. haha. It´s an indescribable feeling when I think about the things I´ve already experienced and the changes I´ve felt. I love it out here so much. That´s it for this week. Adios!

Elder Taylor
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