Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - September 2nd Update

Elder Taylor
Well... this week has been really hard, I´m not gonna lie. Fun, but hard. It was quite an adventure to try to even get to our mission. We left Tuesday morning, and rode a bus to the front runner, which took us to the airport. We rode the airplane from Salt lake to Dallas, and then from Dallas to Miami, and then from there to Asuncion, Paraguay. I met someone on the plane from Dallas to Miami that I gave a Book of Mormon to, and she told me she´s pretty excited to read it! But anyway, when we got to Asuncion, we didn´t have any idea what we were supposed to do... We ended up having to pay for a visa to Paraguay to even get out of the airport. Some random member showed up and took us on a bus to this random church where we met missionaries from the Asuncion  mission. They didn´t even know what to do with us.. we went and got to see the temple in Asuncion while they tried to reimburse us for the visas. That took most of the day, then we had to get on a bus which was 6 hours long to Posadas. There we met the mission president and the missionaries working in the office. We stayed in the mission home over night and then did interviews and stuff in the morning. We then left there and had to cross the border back into Paraguay to meet our companions. Apparently we can´t serve in Argentina right now because of our visas, so I´m currently in a city in Paraguay named Ciudad del Este. The first day of actually teaching was really hard... I didn´t know what I was doing. My companion is from Peru and doesn´t speak any English, but that´s not really the problem. The people we try to teach speak way fast, and since we´re so close to Brazil some of them speak Portugese, not Spanish. My companion can understand, and so I just feel like I just sit there. It´s kinda not fun... but the ward here is really nice! I like the people in it. I´m hoping we can become closer to them so we can get referrals because just walking around in the heat all day is not very fun... or productive. We had 4 people tell us they´d come to church, but none of them did. Is it supposed to be like this? I feel lost.. I hope this week is better .Sunday was my favorite so far. I did bear my testimony and I play piano in sacrament meeting since no one else can. I´m really worried about the non members here though.. I just feel like I can´t do anythinig to help them. I¨m going to go with a good attitude though! Even if people tell us they´ll do stuff and don´t.. I just want to help change someone's life! The mission is a ton harder than I thought it would be.. it´s going to take a lot of work to get these people to actually listen to us. There was one lady we tried teaching, but she just kept interrupting us and she told us some story about how she almost got killed by a guy with a machete but since she believed in god she was saved... whatever. People are crazy haha. The days are really long.. but I´m  hoping I get more used to it. It´s kind of annoying because EVERYONE here rides a motorcycle. It´s so loud. And the streets are basically just a bunch of jagged rocks covered in dirt. haha it´s quite the change! I´m excited to serve, I just need to figure out how that´s done. My companion didn´t seem to learn much about teaching people, not lessons. He pretty much says the same thing every time. Maybe I could teach him something. Well, that´s pretty much it for this week! Pretty much the most confusing week of my life... it´ll get better though. Adios!
Elder Taylor        


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