Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - Tjena!

Äldste Tanner and his cousin, that he has not seen in a long time

Hej familj! Hur står det till?
This week has been really awesome! The highlight of my week we definelty on Saturday. We got to go to the Copenhagen, Denmark Temple! Millsap and I went with Bishop Lindahl and Heikki the Ward Mission Leader. We drove to Helsigborg and then took a boat over to Denmark. From there we drove to Copenhagen. It took about 3 hours. When we got to the temple, I walked to the changing room and there was Thomas! I guess he works there every so often? It was really fun. Thats the second time I just "run into him." haha. Me and Millsap did some sealings first. I had never done that before ever, so that was really fun. Then we were able to do a session which I did in all Swedish. It was really cool to do it in another lanugage. We spent about 3 hours in the Temple. It was awesome. After we went to the temple Bishop took us to the Kristus statue. I remember being there several years ago. It was fun to go there again. He also took us to that one famous street with colorful buildings in the background and the river running through the steet. As we were walking through Copenhagen, I saw several thing that just brought back sooo many memories from when we were there years ago. It was really a blast! I had a great time. It was probably one of my most favorite days of my mission so far.
I got my results back from the doctor. I do have a bacterial infection and they presribed me a specific type of antibiotic that should kill it. So, I have to go and get those today. At least they found out what I have and not just take a guess!! Geez. Haha.
On Tuesday last week Johan Tageson called me and said he would be in Halmstad later that day around 3:00. I just happened to have an visit with a member at that time! But I called her and asked if we could move it back to about 4:30 which she was okay with. So, I met Johan at the Hopsital doors and we were able to talk for about 20 minutes! It was really awesome! Out of all my family I think he's the one that it has been the longest since I have seen last. That was the other highlight of my week.
One part of my week that I did not enjoy so much was... well, a guy in our ward died and we had to dress him in clothes for his burial. It was... not very plesant. The bishop and Heikki were suppost to do it but the Bishop couldnt. So he deligated it to us, Heikki, Millsap and Myself. It was not something I want to do again. But as much as I did not like it, I did gain a stronger testimony on The Plan of Salvation. So, I guess thats good about his experience. We ended up going to his funeral the following day also. We were the "church support." I think it made the temple this past weekend just a lot better!
I feel like I learn the language in spurts. Like I will learn a bunch of new words and my understanding goes up a whole level. Then, there were be a while that I learn and learn but nothing changes as far as understanding goes. Last week I made it over one of the "spurts" and I feel like I started understanding even more this week. When I first got to Sweden and we went on splits with ward members for hometeaching, I would always go with the one who could speak English in case I needed it. And then Millsap would go with Heikki because he doesnt have very good Swedish. Well, now Millsap has me go with Heikki because I can understand him and Millsap says "you have about the same level of swedish as he does now." Well, he just indirectly told me I have bad Swedish! Haha. Nah, its getting good. I am doing a lot better with Swedish. So yes, mom, you can wirte more in Swedish. I do understand what you say. :)
We have a baptismal date for this Saturday! With Jens, the hobo. But, we dont think he will actually be ready. He promised us he wont get baptised until he has read The Book of Mormon, The Bible, and the Quron or whatever its called. And he hasnt dont that yet. We meet with him every day at 3:00, though. So hopefully we can get him baptised pretty quick! :) We have another investigator , Tony, who I told you about. He has fed us 3 times but doesnt own a single fork. So you could say I am getting pro at using chop sticks! Lol.
This saturday is the day President Newell calls the mission and makes the transfer changes. So I find out in a few days what is going to happen with me, Which could be transfer out of Halmstad, Stay in halmstad with a new companion (in which case I would be the senior companion most likely) or nothing happens! haha. So, i am excited to find out what happens!
Thats all I really have for right now. Nothing too special. Enjoy your week. Love you all.
Äldste Tanner
The picture of the Kristus statue that is standing at temple square is a copy of the original statue found in a church called "Vor Frue Kirke" in Demnark


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