Friday, September 20, 2013

Sister Rebecca Packer - Smog GALORE!!!

Sister Rebecca Packer
So incase you all didn't know....California is very...very....SMOGGY!! The other day we couldn't even see the was gross
that is besides the point that this week we got two new investigators!! I am so happy to finally see something happen in this area again. Last transfer sister
tt and I had quite a bit of success and we almost always had at least one person to teach. The last 4 weeks we have had like NOBODY!  But our hard work has finally paid off and Heavenly Father blessed us with 2 wonderful investigators! Their names are terry, and Jose. We have lessons with both of them this week, and I am excited to see how they go!
Transfers are this weekend and I am really hoping that I stay here in Ontario, but it is almost a fact that either sister havens or I will be leaving. There are a lot of new sisters coming in this transfer, and we will both be training most likely! So I am excited to train, but I want to train here!!! But all will be found out Saturday and sunday. and by next week you will know if I am leaving or staying, but if I am leaving you wont know where until the week after that! But I will keep you all posted! :) but for convenience sakes please send all packages and/or letters to the mission office from now on, and through the rest of my mission
even if I get transferred! Thanks!  :)
                                 Mission Office:
                                 6541 Woodruff Place
                                 Rancho Cucamonga CA, 91701
I love you all! here is a picture of me at my 3 month mark! :) I am styling my candy jewelry made by Camille
s kids! :) ENJOY! :)
I LOVE you all!!
ister Packer
p.s. I liked the bathroom picture, but the sign is was dumb. haha but I sent it anyways! :)

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