Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elder Xavier Stilson - What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Elder Stilson
BBBBOOOMMMM DIA!!! Well this has been  yet another eventful week! Just crazy after crazy but there has been a lot more  of the good than the bad and that is what I really want to focus on!:)

Well, we have been transferred from  Sao Mateus to Vitória. The new area is called Jardim da Penha. It is the  richest area in the whole mission so the work is kinda slow but I need to be  here. We have two new investigators, their names are, Regina (my new Brazilian  Mom ;) and Fernanda, her daughter. On Friday Fernanda is getting baptized and  really, really wants her mom to be baptized with her but mom has said no. But  what is awesome is that Regina really is going to be baptized but wants it to  be a surprise! So Friday after Fernanda gets ready, Regina is then going to get  in Baptismal clothes and be baptized with her!!!! I am going to record it so it  is going to be awesome!!! :):) They are great people and this is going to be so  cool for them both!

We also have another investigator.  His name is Edurado. He is a history teacher  and really into the church!!  Hopefully  we can get him baptized in the next couple of weeks!!

I want to thank everyone for fasting  for me and for your prayers! I go to the doctors tomorrow and hopefully will  figure everything out.  I really want to  thank you so much for everything that you all have done to help and support me!

It is really hard writing this  letter because we are so new to this area and we haven’t met many people  yet.   We don’t even know where the bishop lives.  This week we are going with a member to visit  all of the leadership in our ward and then we are going to start visiting members.  This area is much better off than our last area so the people here aren’t quite  as humble. I guess we are going to have to rely on part member families and  getting the referrals from the members in order meet new people. It is going to  be kind of hard but I know we can do it!!

Our ward mission leader is awesome!  Not as good as Bro. Hillan ;) but he is good! He owns an English school (where  they teach English) and a travel agency so he is pretty well off.  We had our first correlation meeting with him  and he is excited to try some new tactics on what we can do to try to get  people excited about getting us as missionaries more people to teach!!:)

Last P-day we actually did do some  pretty awesome things! First we went to Cleders house in Guriri around São  Mateus and had Brazilian BBQ which would have been a lot better if I could have  eaten it haha but we were able to spend the entire day with them. Then we were  able to go to the beach which was like 2 seconds away from Cleders house!! And  there is a Sea Turtle rescue mission thing there and it was closed but the kids  and the Brazilian missionaries said it would be ok if we went in. So we went in  and a guy came out yelling at us that he was going to call the cops and have us  all arrested.  Yep we would have been  deported if he would have done that hahaha but everything turned out fine and  the cops never showed up!

We spent all day Tuesday again  traveling... Yeah that was fun... After these 2 years I NEVER want to see  another bus again!!!! I hate them so much; you have no clue!  Everything else has been going good! We  finally have found a place here in Jardim da Penha that is free to email so  that is a lot better than paying to email friends and family! Hopefully by next  week we will have more people we are teaching to tell you all about :) Well the  church is true and I love yall!!!!:):)


Elder Stilson


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