Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Xavier Stilson - A Growing Testimony and WIFE POINTS!

Elder Stilson & Sister Bezerra, the Mission Presidents Wife

It has been an amazing experience  being on the receiving end of a fast. I want to thank everyone for everything  that ya'll have done for me!! I had my endoscope done on Tuesday and they found  what they needed to find. The Gastrologist told my companion and the mission president’s  wife that they didn’t find anything. That they just removed out about 2 liters  of stomach acid and bile from my stomach. They finally sent over the results  from all of the tests to an American doctor who is serving in the São Paulo MTC  right now.  He was able to go over each  of them again. Well, come to find out, there were several problems with my  stomach. I have severe gastritis throughout my stomach. The American doctor  told me that my whole stomach was basically one giant ulcer.  The good part is that they found that it has already  started to heal! This is such a great blessing to me and I know that it is  because of the faith, fasting and prayers from my family and friends that made  this possible! If it hadn't started to get better, I know that I would be home  right now.  I am so grateful for the  blessing that allowed me to stay here in Brazil to continue to teach the gospel  to the amazing people here. I have had to fast for different things while I was  in Colorado and now being a recipient of the blessings... It truly is amazing!  So thank you all so much again!

Well Saturday was Brazil’s Independence  Day!! And all of the missionaries who were really close to the main island of  Vitória were in the Parade! It was really cool and an awesome experience to be  part of!  Right as the parade started...  It started to pour!!!! This was a kind of soaking wet that soaks you clear to  the bones.  Haha it was SO bad and very  wet! Not to worry, the parade went on.  Here  in Brazil the missionaries say that if you go through these kinds of trials it  adds up to “Wife Points”!! Meaning that our wives just keep getting better  looking every time we get soaked, have blisters, or any other trial that comes  our way! HEY my wife is going to be the BEST looking girl on the face of this  planet then!!!!! SCORE!!!!!;) Haha

We have been having problems with  our sewage. We live in the first level of a family’s home and it has totally  backed up in our laundry area.  It is  backed up from the sink and from the toilet!! Yep pretty much just super  nasty!! We noticed it on Sunday when our house smelled like POOP.  We tried to talk to sister about it but  nothing really happened and she just told us to talk to the owners of the  house. We tried talking to them every day but he was either sleeping, at work  or just busy. We finally couldn’t take it any more so on Saturday night and  woke him up and asked him to please come down and look at it. Well he had to go  shoulder deep into the sewer to try and get the pipes unclogged to take care of  it and so that we could have a normal smelling house again. Even this morning  it started to come back up again!! GAH! Give me a break??;) Haha WIFE POINTS!!

Well the next thing I want to talk  about is about the morons who tried to build a tower to get to Heaven...  Really... Did you not think that there was going to be consequences for trying  to get up there ... And now all of the missionaries who are sent to foreign lands  have to suffer due to their stupidity? THANKS! I really wish the language came  a little quicker and easier so that we could really focus on teaching.  Haha. No I am learning a little bit everyday!  I can understand every third word now;) Haha I can’t wait until I have been  here long enough that I can easily communicate with people here.  But for now I get to deal with another trial;)  “WIFE POINTS”

On Friday I had my first baptism  here in Brazil!! It was awesome because I got to baptize my Brazilian Mom!!!  Her name is Regina and she pulled an awesome surprise on her daughter Fernanda!  Fernanda just turned 20 on Friday and really wanted to be baptized on her birthday,  but she really wanted her mom to be baptized with her! Well, Regina yelled at  her and told her no, that she wasn’t ready! But to Fernanda’s surprise when we  got to the baptism, Fernanda was ready and waiting for it to begin and right  before the meeting started, Regina and I walked in dressed in white all ready  to have 2 baptisms!! It was such a cool experience!

Well that was how my week went!:) A lot  of crazy and a lot of amazing as well! Well I love you all and hope to hear  from you soon!!

Eu amo voces!!

Elder Stilson
The missionaries with Regina & Fernanda at the Surprise Baptism

The Vitoria Missionaries that marched in the Brazil Independence Day Parade

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