Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Jake Kruitbosch - Temple Transfer

Me and Elder Phillips - one of my favorite Elder's. He is so funny!
Well this last week has been a quick one. We had exchanges and a temple day!! Temple transfers are the best!

So every Tuesday so far we have had an exchange. I went with Elder Middleton to his area this last Tuesday. Elder Middleton is from SLC and has been out a month.

Thursday was our temple trip. We go once every other transfer. It was so good! Best time so far! We went to the Oakland temple this time and it was such a great day.

Saturday we had a ward baptism that me and Elder Call had to fill up the font for. So we got there 2 hours before because it takes an hour and a half to fill up. We plugged the drain and turned on the Hot water valve and... nothing. IT was broke. So we turned the cold water vavle on half way and then had to leave cus we had planned to do some service for some new members that moved in and asked us to help. We went over there expecting to move a few boxes. 30 min later of heavy labor our shirts sticking to our sweaty body we finished moving boxes full of books up their 30 stairs to the second floor. :) then we went back to the church it having been 45 min out of the 1 and half hours its supposed to take and the font was VERY FULL too full for an 8 year old girl... haha it was a great day! but luckily it all drained down to the right level by the time that the baptism started. AND then we had two of our investigators come to the baptism. Armondo, and Lori. SO it turned out alright.

Sunday, was a great day and normal.


Elder Kruitbosch
Napa Zone at the temple

 Me and Elder Johnson at the temple again. We were brothers in the Pre-existence

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