Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - September 2-8

Elder Zach Taylor

This week was a lot better than last. I think I¨m just still adjusting to it here. We had a pretty good week as far as teaching goes.. we had one investigator come to church! Although he didn´t like it because that day they happened to not use the Bible very much.. hopefully things will get better with him. On Friday, I had two women start breast feeding their babies in front of me.. so that was a new experience.. haha. Also, on Wednesday night we went to the ward night thing and the primary presidency asked me if I would accompany them for the primary program. So on Sunday I played the piano for all the kids in Sacrament meeting! It was pretty cool. The kids here are exactly like the ones at home.. they just speak Spanish...haha. They all yell the words and try to be the loudest singer.. I couldn´t help laughing to myself a few times while I was playing. The mom´s were all trying to settle them down.. it´s just funny.. we´re all the same no matter where we go in the world haha. Also on Wednesday, I played a couple songs I had memorized from home like Jon Schmidt and Prelude in C sharp Minor and Maple Leaf Rag. The little kids thought it was amazing. I felt really was great. I also figured out I´m 2 meters 7 centimeters tall! Apparently it´s really crazy to be above 2 meters. We ate dinner with a member family last night, and I learned a way better way to eat an orange! They just cut off the skin, then cut a little hole in the top and suck the juice out of it. Genius! It´s a lot of hard work here, but it´s things like that that make you think about what you were excited for before. I hope we can progress all the people we´re teaching this week. It made me so happy to see that that guy (whose name is Marcos) come to church! You just have to find the little things that make you happy. I¨m learning a lot of patience here too.. I just want people to accept what we teach!!! haha I¨m sure it´ll come with work. Well, that´s pretty much the extent of my week this week. Adios!

Elder Taylor

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