Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sister Courtnee Wood - Life in the Pines......

Sister Wood holding what I think may be some sort of fish? Maybe Brother Reisbeck or Brother Webster can enlighten me on what exactly what this is. I'm just glad that I'm not eating it. Courtnee however will try anything. I mean, her Dad had her eating a pigeon once.
P-Day again... what in the world. Where is this time going? I am seriously going on my 6th week? I don't believe it.
I heard MY COUGS won this week, so I am going to start by saying that we were on a run one morning and I looked over and some random filipino was wearing a  BYU Quest football t-shirt! Hahaha it made my whole day. I love love loved it.
Last P-day my companion and I went and shopped around the centro, and usually we just get random cheap stuff we can use through out the week and we left that day and I went home with a Converse UK t shirt and a soccer ball. So I mean nothing much has really changed. Hahaha!
This week was a big milestone week because I had (for the first time) a filipino tell me I was MAGALING at TAGALOG!!! Which means I was good at Tagalog. I don't think I have ever smiled so big in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, it meant a lot. (even if she was just trying to be nice.) Because speaking of the language, we were in a lesson, and as I was talking, I started using SPANISH!!! Do not ask how spanish even came into my vocabulary hahaha. I was always so bad in spanish class too! But hey, it is what it is. Good thing they understood.
The animal situation here is crazy. The dogs and cats and chickens and what not. Like I said, they are everywhere. Not only that, but there are mixes that should not be mixes! For example, hound dogs with a wiener dogs body. I die laughing everytime. As well as the eyebrows that people paint on the stray dogs! Who does that?!?! Haha. And the other day we watched people pluck a chicken after killing it and then roast the whole body. I was freaked out by it, BUT. Why would I be freaked out by that? I would sit and pluck geese with my dad and watch him cut them open! And I still can remember how it smelled! How nasty is that hahaha. Oh I love you dad. :)
We haven't had water for 3 days and never did I understand how hard it would be without it! Gee wiz! But it is okay. Thank heaven we bought jug of water earlier this week. Gosh, how blessed are we back home? I think about it every day.
And MOM, when I was reading your letter from last week........lets just say I was walking around in the middle of the centro crying my eyes out! I love you and I love our family. :) The Lord has helped me get through so many of the hard and different things here. I don't know what I would do without his help. I owe it all to him.
Have an awesome week!
Sister Wood

I love her randomness!! I think she only sends these pictures for her Dad, although I do love seeing her smiling face!

"What!! I know these people." Courtnee was sooooo excited to see these two familiar faces all the way over in the Philippines. Cute Eliza and Willy, both good friends of hers.

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