Monday, September 16, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - Min Familj!

Elder Tanner

Hey guys! 

So, I will just write some of the highlights of the past few weeks, as I usually do. I did get sick again! My throat started to swell up again and get really uncomfortable to swallow. It didnt hurt yet though. So I called Tina the nurse in our ward and asked her what to do. She said to go to the clinic again before it got worse. So I did. They took another swab and they sent it in to test it for bactieria in groups like B, D, G and such. I dont know exactly what he said. Its not too bad right now, though. I also woke up with a cold a few mornings ago. I just cant seem to stay healthy! lol.

Yesterday before church Tony (one of our crazy investigators) called us and said "If you want me to come to church this week, you have to invite me." HAHAHA. Hes so funny. He always calls us and makes the appointments yet he has a difficult time actually listening to us. I think he just likes to be around us. So of course we invited him. And he did come to all 3 hours of church. And he comes to Innabany (floor hockey) every friday with us and the ward. He also wants us to go over to his house everyday and read some of the Book of Mormon with him. So we do that. He's really interesting. He built a helicopter with a camera on it and the camera transmits to his iphone. Its cool but it kinda freaks me out. Haha.

We also got a bike stolen. Ugh. So now we are back to using the really terrible bike again. So, its not ideal but its still better than walking everywhere.

We met with Jens a few times this week. One day he came in to our lesson and flat out said "I am either going to be blown away by your message today or I am going to completly reject that this church is for me." He asked so many hard questions too! He did a lot of research before our lesson too. He asked about stuff that goes on in the temple (quite detailed too, actually) and just all sorts of stuff. The way we answered it was by talking about he Plan of Salvation. And he just loved it. He was like "this just makes total sense. its not heaven and hell like everyone talkes about. and also the fact that you guys arnt forcing this on me to believe it. i really like what you guys did today and.. I am blown away." hahaha. It makes me feel good that we are able to just listen to the spirit and just teach what needs to be done. He did tell us he will only get baptized when he has read the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and the quron (however thats spelled) completely through all the way. So we have to really really push for the 28th.

We did get another investigator this week though. We met this guy Axel with Jens one time. We didnt do anything about it though. We ran into him the other day and talked to him for a while and he wants to meet with us. So, thats always good. Its good to have a "backup" baptism for the 28th incase our original one doesnt go through ;)

Neither Lena or Ingvor were in church yesterday. But they both said they would be coming next week. And so far they have kept their promises. Lena set the date to quit her coffee drinking on September 19th. That is this week so we have to go visit her and see how she is doing with that. I am not too worried about it though. I think she can do it. We did have a new inactive in church though. Her name is Poula. We went to her earlier this week and gave her a blessing. So it was cool to see her there.

That really it, honestly. We have been really busy just being out and about. But not many events are happening. Enjoy your week and I miss you all!

Äldste Tanner

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