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Elder Christian Tanner - Hej Familj

Elder Christian Tanner
It was a busy day week, we went to the church and just cleaned the baptismal font really really well. It stunk quite bad and the windows were dirty and it was kinda yellow in the font. We want it to be ready and looking nice for whenever we take investigators on a tour. And, it was kinda fun actually. I had a good time and it felt good, like service always does. We met with a few members in the afternoon as well.

  We also had to go and meet with the bishop again to check out another appartment. Turns out it is right by the beach! What a lucky couple.... haha. That is, if they decide to go with this appartment. We just spent going around talking with people and going to appointments. Are you ready for the best story of the week? Good! Sooooo, Im going to start a new paragraph.

Do you remember Jens, the guy that we met our 2nd week in Halmstad? The one who took us out by the feild and river next to the library? Well, I don't remember if I described him that well. But, he was the kind of guy who had the biggest attitude out there. As far as he was concerned, he was the biggest thing out there. No one could bring him down (mentally, that is). Whenever we talked to him, he just went off on his God and wouldn't listen to us. We have seen him around a few times and we always say hi. But, today on Saturday, as we were in the library looking for apartments online, he was on the computer next to us. He looked totally different! His hair was cut different and he was actually wearing nice clothes. We ended up finishing the same time he did so we walked with him into town. Also they way, we could just tell that he was different. He seemed really sad and down and just... not good. We asked him "Are you happy?" he said (and I am editing this because he uses...big words. and he talks in English with us and actually, he has amazing English) "Nah man. I am just down in the dumps. I have never felt this low before because I am so used to being on top and the biggest." then he turns to us and says "are you two happy?" Millsap said "yes" and... I had to think about it. I mean, this past 3 months has been the hardest of my life! I have had soooo many trails and so many times I was just gonna give up. But as I thought about it, I am happy. I am in SWEDEN! Its where my mom is from .I'm learning her language. I am serving the Lord. There really isn't much to not be happy about. So I said "yes, I am very happy." He looked at us like... what are you doing to be happy... type look. So we're like "hey! do you want to go to church with us on Sunday? it starts at 10 and its up by the cemetery." Now, his old self would have started cussing up a storm and would have declined the invitation in the harshest way possible. But he said YES! Ha-ha. Talk about a great way to end the day!!


As we got to the church on Sunday I was started to get nervous/excited. I was like... "I wonder if he is really going to show up,,," Sure enough about 10 minutes before church started he comes walking down the street!! I was like YESSSSS! and ran over to Millsap and I'm like "JENS is here!" and we ran up to the door to greet him. Almost all of the members walked right up to him and introduced themselves. When he met Bishop, he showed a lot of respect for his "position" in the church. It was fast and testimony meeting too, which just made it even better!! I was the last one to bear my testimony which was good I think for Jens. After the block, we walked with Jens outside to so he could smoke. We asked him how he felt during sacrament. And he was like "I cant describe it. I don't know how. It was like... a very dense feeling. it wasn't heavy, but very dense. How do you describe a feeling you haven't felt before? it cant really be done." So we're like "that's the Holy Ghost you felt. Do you know what they job of the Holy Ghost is?" And he said "To make you feel good." (or something to that effect) and we said "yeah... that's right. It also testifies of truth. it lets you know that everything you just heard is true." And he was just deep in thought. He said something like "This is not something I am going to take lightly. This is a big decision." He already knows how big of a decision is. We probably wont even have to ask this guy to get baptized. He'probably will just be like "Im ready" and we'll go do it. He is sooo smart. He really is very well educated about many religions. Of course, we will ask him to get baptized if need be. But I really don't think we will have to . He already knows he'll join if it is true. So, while we are outside talking to him, a car shows. up. I'm like... "who is that?" so we go over and see who its is. I bet you cant even guess. ITS TONY! THE ASIAN GUY! I was so confused! Well, we walk back in with Jens and Tony with us. Jose (first counselor... the guy who helped while i was sick), he walked out of the chapel and saw yet another investigator in church. And I promise you, his face lit up like a child on Christmas Morning. It just made me sooo happy and it was a testimony builder to me. This is THE true Gospel! I don't know ANYTHING else that can make people so happy. There is nothing! I was just so full of happiness and I just felt the spirit almost like never before. It turned out to me just amazing. We are meeting with Jens again tomorrow to talk more. And we are meeting with Tony later this week also.

 So after church we went to the Bishops house for dinner. We had some amazing chicken and potatoes. ( I REALLY miss home cooked food that is good like that!) And for dessert we had a really really good chocolate banana bread. We had a good, happy evening.


 I also talked to Tina (Jose's wife). She is a nurse. My right tonsil is still swollen and hasn't gone down. She told me that the antibiotics helped, but it probably didn't kill the disease. Since it didn't kill it, it is learning how to become immune to antibiotics. If I start to hurt again, she said to take the antibiotics again but increase the dose amount to hopefully kill it all the way. If that doesn't work, I need to go to a hospital. There, they would probably determine a better and/or stronger medication I need to take or I suppose if I need to get my tonsils removed. And, if a white bump(s) appear anywhere on my skin or anymore in my mouth, she said to go to the hospital right away and don't wait. It could be really dangerous otherwise. She said the chances of that happening are quite low. It doesn't usually happen, but if it does. But she doesn't expect it to get too much worse.

 See ya round!

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