Monday, September 16, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - September 16, 2013

This week was a lot better. I´m getting used to how things are here and starting to really like it! On Monday last week we had a family home evening with the family of the lady that washes are clothes. Her family is so fun! I can´t understand the little kids very well, but it´s still a good time. I´ve also realized how much American music there is here. I´ve heard a ton of Justin Bieber and Coldplay.. everyone listens to it here, whether or not they can understand it.. haha. I also decided I really like having a native companion and two latino elders in the room next door. I feel like speaking English is actually something cool.. haha. Them and people in the ward say random phrases in English to me sometimes.. Sometimes it makes no sense at all, but they think it´s  so cool that they can say something in English to me haha. It´s pretty great. At their ward night on Wednesday, they were playing soccer.. they are SO good at it here. Like I don´t think the best soccer player in America could beat one of the kids playing in the church court... well maybe that´s an exaggeration but still they´re a lot better at it here than we are. On Thursday we had an extra Elder with us since there was a meeting here and his companion is a district leader. That was different..Friday and Saturday had two of the prettiest sunsets I´ve ever seen.. I wish I could have taken a picture.. oh well. Saturday we did some service moving dirt! haha. It was pretty fun. My companion and I and the zone leaders all went. Apparently I don´t shovel hard enough.. they kept telling me ¨con fuerza!¨... I need some muscles. We got a reference from a sister on Sunday who brought us to teach her sister. We went in and taught them the Restoration and they accepted a baptismal date just like everyone else.. but afterwards the member sister told us that that was the first time they had listened to the missionaries. She told us that they´re going through something really hard right now and that this is the perfect opportunity for us to be here and show them some light. I really feel good about this family, like they´re going to progress as long as we teach them correctly. They invited us back to eat lunch with them on Wednesday, so we´ll see what happens! It´s a huge family too.. 9 kids and the parents. It´d be so fun to have a family home evening with them.. haha. I´m excited! Well, that´s my week for ya, Adios!
Elder Taylor

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