Sunday, September 29, 2013

Elder Tanner Nelson - #3

Elder Tanner Nelson

Hi mom, dad, family, and everyone -
I haven’t seen Mav or Taylor yet, but I have no clue when they got here. I have a funny story for you!  On Tuesday, when all the greenies were supposed to come in, there was a monsoon here. We went outside to play volleyball for gym, porque nosotros jugamos al volleyball cada dia por gimnasio (um.....did he mean to say that in Spanish?....just wondering?), and the weather was fine. Then as soon as we started playing, it started to rain. And not just rain. I think it was probably the biggest rainstorm I have ever seen!!!!!!!  After two minutes we were soaked, and we played for an hour!!!  It was really one of the best times I've had here! And it rained until about 7 like that!!!!!!!!!!  But because of that, no greenies came in that night. I think they had to fly to a safe airport for the night or something. So I think they came in yesterday, but I haven’t seen them yet!
We got to go to the temple this morning, and I actually understood alot of what they said! It's about an hour drive away, and let me tell ya, I'm not sure if I would feel safer with me controlling a car or a native driving...its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People get within an inch and a half of each other, and it's kind of freaky!!!!!!! 
My Spanish is coming, I can say a lot of stuff if I have a sec to think about it.  Its getting harder to write and say English words because we're supposed to be thinking in Spanish...and even though we aren’t fluent, it still messes with our minds!
We've been learning about the Atonement a lot recently, and how it can help us so that we can apply it and then help investigators apply it.  It's been really cool, because I was really homesick the other day, but after reading some scriptures (Alma 7:11) and watching videos, I felt much better! The other day the language computer program, wasn’t working, so we watched mormon messages instead. I watched the one about Sid Going and what he gave up to go on a mission, and then what he got back from going on a mission, and that really helped me feel at peace too.
We pray about 30 times a day, in Spanish, and that’s a little spiritual in and of itself ;)
Love you guys! 

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