Friday, September 20, 2013

Elder Jake Kruitbosch

Last meeting with our district

Well this week has been a very overwhelming week!

This was the last week of the transfers.
After P-day we had dinner with the Swans. He went to Japan on his mission and married a japanese lady. They made us REAL sushi. It was really good and they had company over from Japan and they all spoke in Japanese the whole time... haha it was cool

Wednesday: We saw some investigators and less actives went on splits with members. Kinda the average missionary day.

Thursday: Normal day until 8:30 I called President Alba for Sis Alba's number because I needed to talk to her about some facebook work and he said " OH, well while I have you on the phone I want to let you know that you are training next transfer!!" .... I was kinda of stunned to say the least. Training is a lot of responsibility that I didn't necessarily want.

Friday: Then in the Morning Pres Alba calls back. " I wanted to apologize Elder Kruitbosch, I gave you some false information last night." My soul lept for joy, I thought I wasn't going to have to be responsible yet! but then " But you are still training, but your going to be district leader as well" Yes, a little overwhelming. I am excited though but nervous too. That night we had dinner with some AMAZING people that used to be taught the missionary lessons that we are trying to pick back up. Such a fun family. And their daughter is the cutest little girl ever. After dinner we found out that my area with my new comp would be on bikes. SO I am now a district leader trainer on a bike. haha ahhhhh

Saturday: We had an awesome ward BBQ and had our investigator, John, come. He loved it! It was so good for him. And Craig Appel, ex-stuntman, ex- 5star chef, and coolest guy ever. BBQ the tri-tip for us. It was soo good.

Sunday: A good day, Elder Call's last Sunday in a ward he's been in for 6 months! But then we saw some members after and less actives.

Facebook: I am currently talking to a man in Nigeria, a women in Botswana, and a man that used to live in Cambodia but moved to Korea. Facebook is how the gospel will be taught to the world. It's so cool. I'd have to get transferred to a lot of different missions to meet all the people I'm supposed to!

Today: Today we are going golfing at Silverado golf course, it will be on the PGA tour next year with the son of an ex-pro golfer. It's going to be a good p day ;)

Update on Holly: we have talked to Holly and she said she does want to be baptized! and we gave her some pamphlets to read, cus she is really busy and can't meet a lot and she read them all!!

Love you all,

Elder Kruitbosch

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