Friday, September 20, 2013

Elder Tanner Nelson

Elder Tanner Nelson
Mexico is nothing like I expected. It's rained every day here except for yesterday, which was really strange. And when I say it rains, it really rains!! They don't have a good drain system in the streets, so it's like walking through creeks! I've used my overshoes several times, and the first time I was putting them on everyone was making fun of me until we were walking on the sidewalk in three inches of water. That sure showed them!  The storms here are crazy because its monsoon season.  I’m also glad we fit my coat in my suitcase – I’ve used it a few times already.

 I decided that I really AM a watch collector now, which isn’t weird because I have so many watches. I bought another one yesterday-$120, what a steal!!!!! And don't worry, those aren't dollars, they're pesos.  It was less than ten bucks. haha!!

Our schedule is a lot more normal now.  We have a night teacher, Hermano Salazar.  He is so funny!  He’s a native and only speaks Spanish, but he picks up a few English words and uses them in the funniest times! We are supposed to be teaching two lessons a day, and that gets a little crazy sometimes, but I'm not doing too shabby at Spanish! 

Heres some exciting news, I'm the new District Leader!!!!!!!!!!  They called me last Sunday. I love the power ;)   (JUST KIDDING), but I really do like being a leader.  A few people have told me I’m doing a great job.

Sundays are great.  We go to priesthood, district meeting, and sacrament in the morning, then we have a fireside, study time/interviews with branch president, then a devotional video from when an apostle comes to the Provo MTC.  Then dinner, study time, and at 8 we get to watch a movie!   Last week was the new Joseph Smith movie about the Restoration - awesome!

Last weekend was Mexican Independence Day, so all of last week they had Mexican treats and stuff at meals. On Saturday night, we got to watch a show some of the natives put on for us, they danced and sang and it was way cool!! They are all so proud to be Mexicans! Then on Sunday night at 11 we all met in the gym and watched the pres. of Mexico ring a gong. I didn’t understand it, but I guess it has national value. It was pretty cool!

As we teach our lessons to our ‘investigator’, I try to be led by the spirit.  I'm writing in my journal every night, trying new food every day, and trying to be patient to go to New Jersey.

Love you guys!!


Elder Nelson


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